Reporting and Committee Structures

Proposed by Rommel Sergio

About The Speaker

Dr. Rommel Sergio is a Professor of Management and the MSLOD Program Director at ADSM. Before teaching at ADSM, he taught courses at the Canadian University Dubai, American University in the Emirates, and De La Salle University, Philippines. He has served various institutions as HR and Organizational Development Consultant in the UAE and abroad.

Dr. Sergio has published and co-authored several academic research papers and has presented and garnered best paper awards from several international academic conferences including Harvard University. He was bestowed an Outstanding International Educator award by the United Federation of Filipino-American Educators (Washington DC, USA), one of the Top 50 Global Educators Award conferred by the Oxford Journal: International Journal of Business and Economics (Cambridge University, UK), and Outstanding Global Research Leader by International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors and Reviewers (Hong Kong).

Rommel Sergio

Rommel Sergio

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07/09/2021 14:30 (Asia/Dubai)
1 hour