Teaching and Learning Philosophy and Methods

Proposed by Turki Al Masaeid

About The Speaker

Dr. Turki Fahed Al Masaeid graduated from Yarmouk University with a Ph.D. in Education. He has consulted for several local and international organizations in the fields of Education and evaluation. In addition to that, he worked for several years in academia, including Ajman University, Canadian University in Dubai, Aldar university college, and the University of Sharjah.

Before joining ADSM, Turki worked for six years at the Ministry of Education as a senior curriculum specialist. Before that, Turki managed for nine years in monitoring and evaluation of the programs of the academic and career counseling department at the Ministry of Education in Dubai. As well as, Turki worked as a training consultant for many institutions, such as the Canadian University in Dubai and the Ministry of Education.

Turki Al Masaeid

Turki Al Masaeid

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06/09/2021 13:00 (Asia/Dubai)
1 hour