Generative AI for Industrial Application

Join our exclusive session on Generative AI for industrial application.

It will be led by none other than Dr. Alexander Boukhanovsky, a distinguished figure at the forefront of AI research and education. As the Head of a national-level AI research center at ITMO University, Russia, Dr. Boukhanovsky brings unparalleled expertise and insight to the table.

ITMO University is among the top universities worldwide and the leading Russian University in AI and Engineering.

Dr. Alexander will cover in the session several approaches of generative AI to industrial problems including tuning of industrial LLMs, design of architectural projects, generation data-driven digital twins of technical systems and assessment of using Generative AI in real industrial projects (urban development, oil and gas).

Session will be on Monday, March 11th 2024 at 4 pm.

Seating will be limited.

Date & Time

March 11, 2024

4:00 PM 5:00 PM Asia/Dubai

ADSM, Building 4, Lecture Hall 109

United Arab Emirates
--ADSM, Building 4, Lecture Hall 109--
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