Senior Accreditation and Institutional Research Specialist


ADSM plans to strengthen its Quality Assurance and Risk Management Office by seeking a qualified and experienced professional to serve as the Senior Accreditation and Institutional Research Specialist. The candidate will support the Director of Quality Assurance and Risk Management in managing the school’s local and international accreditation processes, in addition to reporting required data to external stakeholders.


  • - Inform internal units of the latest updates to local inspection, authorization, licensure, and accreditation regulations issued by regulatory bodies.
  • - Develop plans related to future new and/or renewal of authorization, licensure, and accreditation plans.
  • - Report data to external stakeholders.
  • - Monitor the implementation of internal policies and propose amendments as needed.
  • - Support the School’s units in regular audit of course files, in addition to providing accurate data and information for the successful completion of applications and responses related to the inspection, authorization, licensure, and accreditation processes.
  • - Conduct benchmark activities related to key required data as published by other local and international HEIs or recognized higher education reports.


  • - Strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively inform decision-making.
  • - Proficient in Microsoft Excel, with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and ability to quickly learn and adapt to other software applications as needed to support task completion.
  • - Fluent in both spoken and written English language.
  • - Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, prioritize tasks, and meet announced deadlines.
  • - Ability to analyze and evaluate information critically, using techniques such as triangulation and validity checking to draw informed conclusions and design realistic action plans.
  • - Proven experience in managing processes related to institutional licensure and authorization, in addition to new/renewal of programs accreditation and substantive change applications.